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Treating the Adolescent
Healing the Family

Holistic adolescent treatment for eating disorders, substance use, and mental health

Adolescent Growth is proud of the work completed while in our treatment programs and are grateful to the families who share their stories with us.

Watch the videos below to hear testimonials from the proud parents of our clients.

Parent Testimonials:


“It’s going to be rewarding. You’re going to learn a lot about parenting that you might not have known before or if you thought you knew, you didn’t know as well as you might have thought. I think you’ll get as much out of it as the kid.”


“I’m proof and my daughter is proof that this program works, that its safe, that it changes lives. It’s been the best thing that I’ve done for my daughter and my family.”


“I think the staff is very friendly here. They are very helpful there was constant contact in the beginning. Then we had the parent support groups on Wednesday and we like his therapist. His therapist was really good.”


“It’s amazing to see that he actually growing in this type of environment. It’s a journey for all of us as a whole. We are a family. It’s not just I, him, or them. Its everybody that’s involved. We became a part of the family of Adolescent Growth just by being participants in the program. They make you feel at home and comfortable and the surrounding is just great to be involved in.”


“The treatment here, helps even more than just the kids. It helps teach you how to deal with the kids. They teach you how to talk to your child on top of teaching your child to open up and share.”

Carrie, Jerry and Freyda

“I liked that the focus was very much on the positive aspects of where they are going rather than the negative aspects of what got them here.”


“It’s been a blessing, I think we all as a family have grown tremendously. This has been a great experience.”

Kristina and Lance

 “I feel like I got my daughter back.”


He’s a different child and that is due to the treatment, care, and love he got from everyone here. I truly believe that. I would recommend this program to anyone with a child suffering.”


“Going through the treatment, I just can’t thank everyone enough.”



AG has given us the tools that we need to be able to bring our family back together. I really think that the team here is amazing and are behind you 150%”

Chris’s Dad

“It’s been a great journey.”

Dave and Jeanie

“They didn’t just address one issue, they addressed the whole person and that seems really important to me.”


“I’ve very grateful that my daughter went through the program.”


“Everything came together at the right time and I’m very thankful for everybody here and the therapist and the staff and the parents. It’s a very integrated program.”