Treating the Adolescent
Healing the Family

Holistic adolescent treatment for eating disorders, mental health, and substance use

Adolescent Growth is proud of the work completed while in our treatment programs and are grateful to the families who share their stories with us.

Watch the videos below to hear testimonials from the proud parents of our clients.

Parent Testimonials:

Scott and Jenene

“We go the feel that this was a place that, cared for our son, and his well-being was the one hundred percent focus at all times.


“This place is very open, very warm, very welcoming – definitely a family environment. They are very helpful, not only does my child heal as individual but they also attempt to heal the family and make them one cohesive unit. This place is truly amazing.”

Barb, Steve, and Stacy

“There was a great improvement from the time she started and now, this place really stepped up and helped. I like the fact that they are a healing place and they are healing with family, it helped all of us repair our relationships along with our daughter. This was her new norm.”


“There is no other place like this around here. This seems more like a family setting – even I am comfortable here and I love coming here. This is a good thing they have here, I hope they last a long time.”


Marie, who lives far away from the facility, talks about how she was still able to take part in the multi-family groups thanks to the technology provided by Adolescent Growth.


“It felt like a home. We were bringing her to something that felt like a home away from home sort of. It’s amazing how quickly the facility became family.”


“It’s as close to home as someone can feel.”


“It’s really been amazing. They’ve really done everything they can to take care of her and they do everything they can to understand our concerns as parents.”


“They were very trustworthy.  They treated her like they knew her for years. I would greatly recommend it. I thank God we had the opportunity to have this because not everybody has that opportunity.”


“There was never a time that she wasn’t getting what she needed while she was here.”


“I felt like he went the extra mile to try to connect with her. I was very pleased with the coping strategies that she would talk to me about when we visited. The team approach they took to help her was just invaluable.”


“It has truly been transformational. Just the way you communicate certain things to these kids. You learn those things here through the family sessions and the parenting groups. It’s been amazing the changes over the past two months.”


“Once you let your guard down as a parent and open yourself up to other opportunities, I think you’ll find that this really works out well.”

Billie and Summer

“They care, which is really nice. In a clinical setting it wouldn’t be that way. They get to know him, and they really care and that’s nice.”


“For me personally, the level of involvement that the parent has is pretty significant. I felt right away a connection with the therapist and developed a trust with her because I recognized the goal of bringing my daughter and I together.”


“The support for my child was very musch over and beyond what I expected. They brought a little bit of extra support and put extra things in place to help my daughter for the extra needs she had.”